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(Tentative Schedule of Courses for the year 2017-2018)
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Sr.No. Orientation Programmes Dates
1 Orientation Programme -101 (Completed) 17.5.2017 to 13.6.2017
  2 Orientation Programme - 102 (Completed) 14.6.2017 to 11.7.2017
  3 Orientation Programme - 103 28.11.2017 to 25.12.2017
  4 Orientation Programme - 104 15.12.2017 to 11.1.2018
Sr.No. Subject Refresher Courses Dates
1 Physical Education & Sports Postponed. New Dates will be notified soon
2 English (Completed) 26.5.2017 to 15.6.2017
3 Summer Programme (Completed) 16.6.2017 to 06.7.2017
4 Earths Sciences (Geology, Atmosphere, Geophysics, Soil Science, Climatology, Meteorology) Postponed. New Dates will be notified soon
5 Teacher Educators 24.10.2017 to 13.11.2017
Sr.No. I.D. Courses Dates
1 Research & Teaching Methodology (Completed) 20.6.2017 to 10.7.2017
2 Culture Tourism & Mass Communication 1.11.2017 to 21.11.2017
3 E-Resources & ICT in Teaching & Research 23.11.2017 to 13.12.2017
Sr.No. Short term courses Dates
1 Short Term Course on Research Methodology (Completed) 27.5.2017 to 2.6.2017
2 Short Term Course on Gender Sensitization 13.9.2017 to 19.9.2017
3 Principals' Meet (One Day) Dates will be notified later on
4 Workshop for Academic Administrators (Two Days) 07.9.2017 to 08.9.2017
5 3-Day Workshop for Scholars on Language & Literature 1.2.2018 to 3.2.2018
1. The Part-Time/Adhoc/Temporary/Contract teachers who have been teaching for at least three academic sessions in an   institute affiliated to a University for atleast two years are eligible to participate in the Orientation Programmes/Refresher Courses.
2. Applicant should clearly mention his/her teaching experience and also the date of eligibility for placement in the next stage, if applicable.
3. Applications on prescribed form available from the office of the HRDC/website be submitted along with a draft of Rs.1000/- in favour of Registrar, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar payable at Amritsar on account of registration fee (non-refundable).
4. Applicant should mention his/her Designation, Mobile Number and E-mail ID (Both personal and of the College/Institute) on the application form.

The Certificate at the end of the application form should be duly completed and signed by the Principal/Head of the Institute.

6. Any course is liable to be rescheduled/cancelled due to any administrative reason.
7. There is no registration fee for the Summer/Winter Programme.

As all the correspondence will be done through email, the applicant should check their emails and our website

   regularly for any updates/changes/cancellation of courses.
9. Applicant must read UGC guidelines (uploaded on our website) before applying for any Course.
10. TA/DA will be paid to the participants whose college/institute comes under the purview of section 2(f) and 12B of UGC Act.
11. A Selection Letter will be sent to the Candidates, who will be selected to join any course.