The Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (previously known as Academic Staff College), Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar was established in 1988 following introduction of scheme by university grants commision in 1987. since its inception, it has been attracting teachers from all over india,rather than from a specific region and has become a platform where the guru nanak dev universities academic community shares its knowledge,inside and ideas with larger academic community of the country on a reciprocal basis.

The U.G.C Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (previously known as Academic Staff College), G.N.D.U. Amristar has, since its inception achieved high standards of excellence in its working, based on team work of a small but committed, dedicated and competent group of teaching and non-teaching staff. The efforts made by the staff college are academically and socially relevant. In this globalize era teachers are given to higher learning and their being a equipped with excellent academic standards and pedagogical tools.

We are trying to keep pace with the constant flow of information and knowledge.Efforts are also being made to update the knowledge base and outlook of the teachers at regular intervals. We are continuously trying to seek to stimulate the academic environment for promotion of teaching and research in higher education institutions by keeping teachers abreast with the latest developments in key areas of information and knowledge.


Prof. (Dr.) Sudha Jitender, Director, UGC-MMTTC, Deptt. of Hindi, Dean, Faculty of Languages has been conferred with the D. Lit. Degree, Doctor of Literature by Dr. BhimRao Ambedkar University, Agra on 13 April, 2023.

our objectives

Orientation courses enables the teachers of different disciplines to:

  • Understand the significance in general and higher education in particular, in the global and Indian contexts.
  • Acquire and improve basic skills of teaching at the college/university level to achieve goals of higher education.
  • Understand the organization and management of a college/university and to perceive the role of teachers in the total system.
  • Utilize opportunities for development of personality, initiative and creativity.
vice message

Higher Education in India witnessed remarkable transformation in the year 1986, the national policy of education suggested establishing the academic staff colleges

to improve the higher education, which subsequently was rechri stened as Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (MMTTC) during the * plan. Various HRD Centres were established in the country.
The MMTTC in Guru Nanak Dev University (G. N.D.U) is one of the top rated centres in the country.

Upcoming Events

  • Winter School [Agriculture Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Technology, Data Analysis, Engineering Sciences, Chemical, Civil, Electronics, Mechanical, Architecture and Planning, Textile Technology] from 12.12.2023 to 25.12.2023
  • NEP Orientation & Sensitization from 11th December to 20th December 2023 Click here
  • Two-Week Refresher Course in Humanities [Agriculture, Anthropology, Economics, History, Home Science, Laws, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Religious Studies, Mass Communication, Sociology, Psychology, Library & Information Sciences etc.] from 21.11.2023 to 04.12.2023 - On Going
  • Two-Week Refresher Course in Languages, Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies [Indian, English, Foreign & Religious Studies etc.] from 29.11.2023 to 12.12.2023
  • One-Week Short Term Course in Indian Knowledge System & NEP-2020 from 09.12.2023 to 15.12.2023
  • Faculty Induction Programme -10 from 01.12.2023 to 28.12.2023
  • Tentative Schedule for the Session 2023-2024Click here

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