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UGC-Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (previously known as Academic Staff College) at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar was established in 1987 and is currently one of the 66 Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (previously known as Academic Staff College) operating in the country. Eminent Professors such as Dr. N.S. Mavi, Professor of Education, Dr. Gurupdesh Singh, Professor of English, Dr. S.K. Bhatia, Professor of English, Prof. B.R. Batra, Professor of Planning, Dr. H.S. Bhatia, Professor of Punjabi, Dr. Satish Verma, Professor of Economics, Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu have been predecessors to present Director since 1988. Linked to professional and career development of College and University teachers, ASC runs various programmes to cover different categories of teachers. On an average 12-14 programmes are conducted in a year in which nearly 500 teachers are imparted training. The courses are conducted on the lines of participative and interactive learning style. Each programme has an objective and scientific mechanism for evaluation and grades are awarded on the basis of performance of the teacher-participants in Project Work, Seminars and Multiple Choice Question Test.